Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone for the cards, letters and emails expressing condolences and sympathy.

Jacob was very special to us and to all his many friends. The feeling of loss and the pain is indescribable.

It may seem strange but Jacob seemed a lot of the time to be looking after our family rather than the other way round. Jacob’s homespun philosophy cut through the humbug and hypocrisy that mars relationships between supposedly intelligent people, and he got to the guts of problems. Jacob made himself an independent life as a musician, gardener, cleaner, cafe/bar worker, farm worker, traveller [New York, France, Spain, Romania and Ireland] and Star Trek fan. He made us proud.

In a few days I will begin posting the answers to the Winter Quirky Quiz, and then see how I feel about continuing to blog.

  1. >Norman – Thanks for posting, and for sharing just a bit of Jacob with us. I'm honoured, too, that you allowed me to say a few things about him, also. I hope it's at least a bit of help to know that all of your friends out here in the blogosphere are with you as you face his loss. We love having you in our midst, and we'll still be here for you if/when you get back to blogging.

  2. Dorte H says:

    >Wonderful post! I know this is a terrible time for you, but it is good to hear from you again. We miss your personality on the blog and in our FriendFeed room, my friend. But take your time; blogging should never be something you do because you feel you have to. Hugs from Denmark!

  3. >Norman – I fully share Margot's words. I consider a privilege having met you in the blogosphere. And we all hope to be here if/when you get back.

  4. petronatwo says:

    >Dear NormanThank you for this post and for this tribute to your wonderful son. I am thinking of you many times every day. We are all missing you so much, but as our friends say, you must do what you feel is right. Our friendship will always endure.My very best wishesMaxine.

  5. Kerrie says:

    >Our thoughts are with you and your family Norman. While Jacob added so much to your lives, you also gave him so much.

  6. kathy d. says:

    >Thank you very much for your post about your son, Jacob, and also thanks to Margot Kinberg for her beautiful post and links to the wonderful photos of him.It sounds like he was an amazing and admirable person, who could have taught all of us how to live and treat each other.His determination and many accomplishments are inspiring.Thinking about you and your family, and also saying we'll all keep and look forward to the blogging whenever it's possible; don't rush. Take your time.With best wishes,Kathy D.

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