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One of the very kind messages of condolence we received after Jacob’s death said ‘better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’

It reminded me of when Jacob was born and how that was such a stressful time; of course at that stage we did not know then he would be a constant joy, achieve so much and make us proud.
One of my patients an elderly lady with a foreign accent said ‘better to have a child like that than never be able to have children’, and she drew back her sleeve, and showed me what I realised was a concentration camp tattoo. I had a little cry with her then, and I have cried a lot these last few weeks.

But you have to move on a little bit at a time.
Blogging requires:
1] The ability to concentrate in order to be able read a fair amount of books.
2] Some opinions to express.
3] The motivation and energy to post those opinions.

I am alright with number two but a bit wobbly in the other departments at the moment, in fact at my present reading rate I might complete twelve books this year!
I have been watching a lot of light escapist TV programs such as Masterchef New Zealand, which is brilliant nonsense, a subtle blend of Masterchef, The Apprentice, and Big Brother.
Daytime TV does have some appalling features, such as the constant adverts for ambulance chasing lawyers and loan sharks [Ooops debt management and helpful loan companies] charging interest rates varying from 2,000-4,000% APR. The mob have a lot to learn from these guys.

Movies that I can recommend are:
The Town starring Ben Affleck and based on Chuck Hogan’s Prince of Thieves. I think the ending of the film was slightly different from the book which I read in 2006, but it was a very exciting movie about bank robbers and armoured car thieves in Charlestown, Boston.

Winter’s Bone set in the Missouri Ozarks and based on the book by Daniel Woodrell. This was a brilliant film with an evocative portrait of a very different poverty stricken America than we usually get dished up by Hollywood. It reminded us of our experience of driving through the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky back in 2003.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting an article I wrote about Andrea Camilleri for Picador* [they have removed it from their website after a couple of years, so I better repost it here], my Best non-Eurocrime reads of 2010, and some thoughts on the Martin Beck books.
I think all those Vintage, Global, and Alphabetical challenges will be a bit beyond me this year, but I am hoping that Crime Scraps will continue even if on less regular basis.
[* at the instigation of Maxine of Petrona]