Posted: July 9, 2011 in notes

I have managed to read 25 books in the first half of the year, which is good considering the events that have occurred.

Of the 25 only 7 were originally written in English, and 18 were translated. 9.5 were written by female authors, and 15.5 written by male authors.

Unsurprisingly Sweden lead the way with 6 books, followed by Italy with 4.

The books I particularly enjoyed reading  were:

Devil’s Peak -Deon Meyer  

A Lily of the Field-John Lawton

Mercy -Jussi Adler Olsen

An Uncertain Place -Fred Vargas

The Leopard-Jo Nesbo

  1. Oh you know I love a graph, and your new blog home is looking good too (especially on the iPad). I am looking forward to reading the Lawton after your fine review

  2. Norman says:

    Thanks Bernadette and Margot. I expect I will get used to the different system soon. I will just have to read the instructions and get them translated into non jargon plain English. ;o)

  3. kathy d. says:

    Thanks Norman, and your blog looks great. I’ll have to get used to the light background, which I prefer anyway, having middle-aged eyesight.

    I just finished the insane billiance or brilliant insanity that is An Uncertain Place. Loved it. It’s as good as a chocolate dessert.
    I read recently an interview with Fred Vargas, in which she said that she grew up reading myths and folk lore, and she (obviously) is very interested in the thinking of villagers.
    Although the plot goes to rather unusual places, the usual methodology of logical investigation and deduction takes place and Adamsberg solves the case with his intelligence and knowledge of the case. That superstition and wild family folklore is a feature makes the plot nearly over the top but Vargas brings it back to a logical conclusion with some lunacy at play. This is Vargas.
    I’m willing to go wherever her creative mind takes me.

    • Norman says:

      Thanks Kathy. That black background was getting me down a bit, and my old eyes have told me they like the lighter tones.
      I did love An Uncertain Place and the plot about folklore and myths in out of the way villages reminds me of Devon. Of course it helps my enjoyment that I can identify with Adamsberg, which is not possible with Jack Reacher type characters. ;o)
      Although I personally would pick Ernesto Mallo’s book Needle in Haystack this year Fred Vargas could well win that International Dagger a fourth time, and she is a must buy for me with any book she writes.

  4. kathy d. says:

    Hi Norman,

    Yes to the lighter background. I’m having trouble reading websites with dark backgrounds, too. It’s another development with aging.

    So far I would pick Vargas’ book for the Dagger, but I have only read three books that are shortlisted for it. Three Seconds is on loan to a friend. I will try to order Villar’s book in time, and Varesi’s book is nearly $50, way out of my league. The French historical I’ll skip, not my thing.

    I am tempted to go back and reread all of Vargas’ other books, but have way too much on my TBR list at this point and books staring at me every time I walk past my TBR mountain.

    Have a nice summer of virtual vacations.

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