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If you watch or read the news over the past week you will have discovered that British newspapers are ………….

This is one of the reasons why we don’t usually buy a newspaper, but recently we have have weakened and started to buy the I [the essential daily briefing from The Independent].  I disagree with a good deal of the politics of the I’s parent paper The Independent, but ‘baby I’ has one redeeming feature. It costs only 20p during the week and 30p on a Saturday. At that price it must cost them money to produce the thing; and I can ignore much of ranting  writing of recently suspended journalist Johann Hari, and others. 

Today’s I actually had some good articles, and Samuel Muston made his choice of the 10 best Crime DVDs. I thought I should share this with you and ask if you thought he had missed any worthy of inclusion. I have thought of one, which I will include in tomorrow’s post. 

1] Prime Suspect: Helen Mirren

2] Spiral

3] Sherlock Holmes: Jeremy Brett

4] Cracker

5] The Killing: the original Danish version

6] Agatha Christie’s Poirot: David Suchet

7] The Wire

8] Wallander: The Swedish version with Krister Henriksson

9] Cagney and Lacey

10] Luther