Crime Scraps Polls No. 2

Posted: August 2, 2011 in polls

These polls are purely for fun, but it will be very interesting  to see what everyone thinks, so please cast your vote. The poll will close on 16 August. 

There was a brief discussion of this subject at Crime Fest during a panel about translated fiction with Deon Meyer, and a panel member suggested France. 

  1. Kerrie says:

    wishful thinking – Australia – I think

  2. Rob says:

    i’d like to think it would be Ireland or possibly Scotland. Loads of good stuff coming out of both countries. Strangely both seem to be producing much more interesting stuff than that produced by English authors IMHO. Italy and Spain I think have great potential to come through, much more so than France. But then what the heck do I know. It’ll probably be whoever the marketing dept decides to champion.

  3. Philip says:

    Now this is a really intriguing one. If Scandinavia never does cool, we may never know the answer. Although, of course, readers may turn their attention of another clime even if the north stays hot. I thought carefully about France, havered between Italy and South Africa, and opted for…

    Norman, there is an email from me on thebear08. The first part will likely bemuse you, as I was this morning. (-: Do let me know if you deduce what happened. The rest of it won’t bemuse you at all.

  4. Maxine says:

    I’m up for Italy, wonderful country but so ruined that it is a shoo-in for crime fiction authors! (of which there are many great ones, whom I have discovered thanks to Norman’s blog.)

  5. kathy d. says:

    I think that I have a lot more Nordic noir to read before I get tired of it or exhaust the book list. However, I do love mysteries set in beautiful Italy. But I am very interested in mysteries from Australia. There is an abundance of good mystery writers. I look forward to reading as many books by Aussie crime writers as I can access. So many of their works have gotten rave reviews, and I’ve only begun to skim the surface.

  6. Ken Mahieu says:

    New Zealand ??? Argentina ??? I thought Canada should have been on the list before those two…..


  7. Neil Smith says:

    On the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever, I think I’d put an outside bet on eastern Europe becoming a bit of a hotspot, although I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything quite as dominant as the current Nordic boom again.

  8. Norman says:

    Ken-My reasons for including those countries before Canada were that:

    1] KiwiCraig at Crime Watch and on the FF crime fiction forum does a very good job of pushing NZ crime fiction.

    2] I had read two excellent Argentinean crime fiction writers Ernesto Mallo and Claudia Piniero, and some of us thought the Mallo would win the CWA International Dagger this year.

    I have had a quick look at the Arthur Ellis Awards, and noted Peter Robinson [English with a cop series set in Yorkshire] is a multiple award winner. But I must try Linwood Barclay some time,
    and my apologies for not including Canada.

    • Ken Mahieu says:

      Thanks for the note, I’ll check out the NZ writers. You might want to look at Giles Blunt, if you haven’t read him. Also, is Inger Ash Wolfe really Margaret Atwood? Ken

  9. Norman says:

    Thanks Neil. You could be right one of my favourites, although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, is Polish writer Marek Krajewski’s Eberhard Mock series set in Breslau.

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