On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful*

Posted: August 29, 2011 in England

I hope everyone on the East Coast of the USA will be safe in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Last night we went to walk along the Budleigh Salterton seafront, and the contrast with the pictures coming in on the TV from New York was stunning. I felt I should share them with you to prove it is not always raining in Devon, most of the time but not all the time. Agatha Christie’s Torquay is to the extreme right of the photo about 30 miles away on the other side of the River Exe Estuary.








* The title is taken from a song  by Kenny Chesney, former husband of Renee Zellweger.

  1. Norman – Oh, those are just beautiful ‘photos! Thanks for sharing them :-). The scenes look so peaceful and you’ve got a beautiful use there of sun and shadow.

  2. Norman says:

    Margot, it was a lovely evening. People were barbecuing their freshly caught fish on the beach, and the smell was inviting. There is something wonderful about living near the sea, when the weather is good.

  3. kathy d. says:

    Great photos. I love the one on the right of the sea and shore. Oh, to be able to see that sight frequently!
    On the U.S. East Coast we’re doing okay, at least in my big city. A few accidents occurred, but not in my area, which was relatively unscathed. However, mass transit was shut down and most people here don’t have cars, yet some had to go to work. So it was fraught with problems.
    Altogether 23 people died on the East Coast, all tragedies, as a tree falling through a house full of people. Some friends further down the coast lost electricity, and there were many hassles for people on Long Island, in Westchester and going down the Eastern Seaboard to North Carolina. Virginia was hit hard.
    Now it’s time for clean-up, restoration of electrical power, cleaning up train tracks so trains can run. Still many difficulties for people to overcome.

  4. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics, Norm. I wish the weather had been as beautiful here. [Grey, autumnal, wake me up when it’s over please.]

  5. Norman says:

    Kathy, however long it takes to get the transit system working, the bridges repaired, and power restored take comfort in that in the UK it would probably take twice as long. Leaves on the track, the wrong sort of snow are frequently the reasons given for holdups. The main road west from Exeter goes up over a steep hill, and each year if it snows traffic gets stuck there, because no one has worked out where to put the snow ploughs, or plough after the cuts.
    The national Meteorological Office is situated here, and it still does not help.
    If we had the sort of weather North Americans, or Scandinavians get the country would really grind to a halt.

    Don’t worry Rhian, it is back to miserable autumnal weather again today.

  6. kathy d. says:

    It was a beautiful day today, like spring in the Big Apple. Would never have known there was a hurricane a few days ago. A perfect day for a long walk.
    Yet the more footage and photos I see, the more devastation caused by the hurricane is shown … lost or damaged houses, covered bridges destoyed, the death of 40 people, lots of tragedies.
    Am lucky my city was not hurt, or at least my surroundings, but a lot of destruction up and down the East Coast.

  7. kathy d. says:

    Well, just found out a friend living in the Bronx had to evacuate his house during the hurricane. His entire block is filled with fallen trees. His house was filled with smoke due to electrical problems that ensued because of the storm, firefighters had to deal with that, while dealing with a fire right across the street from his house. And no electrical power after that for him and many in the area.

  8. Norman says:

    Kathy fallen trees and power lines are not a good combination. Do take care. On our CPR First Aid courses we were always warned to watch out for electricity cables. I hope things get back to nearly normal soon, because it is still early in the hurricane season.

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