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Good connections

Posted: September 4, 2011 in films, France, Italy, Sweden

Don’t you love it when the characters in the book you are reading make a reference to a favourite book, or film. I always feel more involved in the story and make a closer connection with the protagonist.

This happened earlier in the year with Salvo Montalbano in Andrea Camilleri’s The Track of Sand...

He got into bed and started reading one of the Swedish books he had bought. Its protagonist was a colleague of his Martin Beck, whose manner of investigation he found very appealing.

And it happened again recently reading the excellent Blood Sisters by Alessandro Perissinotto

I saw his face in my mind:the large nose, the slightly bovine eyes, the offbeat charm. Yes, it was Jean Reno, and the other one, the younger man, was Vincent Cassel. Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel, together in a thriller. At last, I had it:The Crimson Rivers. A weird, dark atmospheric thriller.

I must have watched The Crimson Rivers about four times, and it helps my enjoyment that each time I forget what happens at the end. One advantage of an elderly memory, and my struggle to read sub-titles at the same time as following the action.

A fantastic crime thriller for most of its length, it decides to get a bit weird at the end, breaking a rule devised by Father Ronald Knox and the Detection Club, although I can’t recall any Chinamen in the story.