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Posted: October 25, 2011 in Book Awards, Scandinavia, Sweden

Nu avslöjar Svenska Deckarakademin vilka som är 2011 års fem bästa svenska kriminalromaner respektive de fem bästa till svenska översatta kriminalromanerna. 
Vilka som erövrar priserna avslöjas vid Deckarakademins höstmöte i Eskilstuna lördagen den 19 november.

Karin Alfredsson: Pojken i hiss 54 (Damm)
Arne Dahl: Viskleken (Bonniers)
Lars Kepler: Eldvittnet (Bonniers)
Hans Koppel: Kommer aldrig mer igen (Telegram bokförlag)
Kristina Ohlsson: Änglavakter (Piratförlaget)

Belinda Bauer: Mörk jord (”Blacklands”, översättning: Ulla Danielsson, Modernista)
Deon Meyer: Tretton timmar (”Thirteen hours”, översättning: Mia Gahne, Weyler förlag)
Denise Mina: Getingsommar (”The end of the wasp season ”, översättning: Boel Unnerstad, Minotaur)
Peter Temple: Sanning (”Thruth”, översättning: Johan Nilsson, Kabusa)
Domingo Villar : Nattens mörka toner: Ett fall för kommissarie Leo Caldas (” Ollos de auga/Ojos de agua”, översättning: Lena E Heyman, Ekholm & Tegebjer)

Unfortunately my Swedish isn’t good enough to translate this news about the Best Swedish crime novel shortlist [won last year by Leif G.W. Persson] and the Best Translated crime novel, the Martin Beck award, shortlist [won last year by Deon Meyer]. But even I can work out that the battle for the Martin Beck award will be interesting with nominees from England, South Africa, Scotland, Australia and Spain. My money is on Australia’s Peter Temple for Truth. 

  1. Maxine says:

    Funny as Truth seems quite old now, but perhaps it has only recently been translated. Thanks for the post, I don’t suppose I’ve read any of the swedish titles (cannot understand them but assume they are not yet translated). On the international list, I loved the Villar, Meyer and Temple (the Bauer is good but not in same class & have not read the Mina). So hard! Truth is brilliant, I agree.

  2. […] año al Premio Martin Beck Posted on 2011/10/25 by Jose Ignacio Gracias a Norman en Crime Scraps acabo de descubrir que entre los candidatos al Premio Martin Beck en Suecia a la mejor novela negra […]

  3. Norman says:

    Maxine, it is strange when old to us titles are translated for the Swedish market.
    I am sure none of those Swedes have been translated for instance the Ohlsson is number three in her series and only number one has reached us. Also we are about 14 years behind with Arne Dahl’s Intercrime series books, but Viskelen [Chinese Whispers] is the first in a new series so perhaps we won’t have to wait that long for a translation especially if it wins.

  4. Dorte H says:

    A very hasty translation (I was so crazy that I joined an online writing course again even though I don´t have time for it, but that´s just the way I am).

    Now the Swedish crime fiction academy reveal the five best Swedish crime stories for 2011 and the five best translated novels.

    It will be revealed on Saturday the 19th of November which ones get the awards.


    I don´t think I have read any of them – I have so many British & American books on my shelves there is no time (or space!) for Scandinavian fiction 😉

  5. Wow for once I have read all the shortlisted titles in the Martin Beck category…the Temple, Villar and Meyer are all excellent books and would be worthy winners…though the Temple is probably closest to the ideal of the Martin Beck novels themselves, weaving more social commentary into the story than the other two. The Bauer and Mina books were not bad…just not quite in the same class as the others IMHO.

  6. Beth says:

    Thrilled to see Peter Temple’s made the list. Although, I’m a little bemused because it seems to me that every Scandanavian person I meet, or hear on radio or TV, speaks better English than I do (I speak Oz English) and could therefore enjoy Truth in the original. Better still, they could enjoy Broken Shore, which in my opinion is far superior to Truth.

  7. Norman says:

    Dorte-Thanks for the translation. Pity you have not read the Swedish books.

    Bernadette-I agree Truth is a class above the others that I have read.

    Beth- I thought Truth was better than The Broken Shore, but they were both among the best books I read in their respective years. I also sometimes wonder why Swedes need books translated into their language. When we were in Sweden all the TV, even the news was in English with Swedish subtitles! Everyone spoke perfect English even a very drunk, but charming, Lapp who we met on the train back from Uppsala. He complained he could not understand anyone when he visited Glasgow.

  8. kathy d. says:

    Finally, someone I agree with about Peter Temple’s books. I also thought The Broken Shore was a better book than Truth.

  9. Matthew says:

    I’m probably a bit biased here being from Australia myself but both The Broken Shore and Truth are extraordinary, Temple can’t win too many awards!

    On a tangent – do you know who was the winner of this year’s Glass Key Award?

    • Norman Price says:

      Matthew, the 2011 Nordic Glass Key was won by Leif G.W. Persson’s The Dying Detective, a book which also won the 2010 Best Swedish Crime Novel [the third time he has won that award].
      I agree about Peter Temple.

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