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Winter Festival Quirky Quiz

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Quiz

This quiz may not be as difficult as those I have set in the past, simply because my old brain is seizing up, but I hope it will test your little grey cells a little.

You will have till midnight 3 January 2012 GMT to get your entries in, and the winner will be able to choose  their prize from a selection of new books.

Please reply with your answers to Good luck.

Here we go:

1] The two people in the photograph both have presidential connections; one also has a connection with Christmas Day and a fictional detective? Explain. 

2] Which crime fiction book is linked with a sacrifice in chess, a low upholstered box seat, and a town in northern Bulgaria?

3] Which Nordic crime fiction writers are, or used to be:

(a) A Minister for Justice. (b) A civil engineer (c) A dentist (d) An economist (e) A policeman (f) A junior expert on Middle East policy (g) a criminal.

4] What did John Gardner and Charles McCarry have in common? And who was “embarrassed, puzzled and more than a little angry”? 

5] In the Danish TV series The Killing II Sarah Lund’s partner is called Ulrik Strange. Name two crime writers who also use the name Strange for policemen.

6] A slang name for a capital city, and a large Asian cat. What brought them together? 

7] What is the link between one of the eight wives of  a jazz clarinetist, and a prize winning crime fiction author? 

8] Who worked together on the Abercrombie forgery case, and the Baron Altara case?

9] Beginnings and endings:

(a)Which crime novel begins with:

They found the corpse on the 8th July just after 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It was fairly well intact and couldn’t have been lying in the water long. 

 (b) Which crime novel ends with:

‘Is he going to be alright?’ he heard himself ask. ‘Tell me he’s going to be all right…’ 

10] Who reads Lady Frances Verney’s memoirs?