The season of giving

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some people might regard me as easy to buy for, or very boring, or just as the man who wanted more turkey curry on 28 December.

This was a year in which I read about, political cover ups, financial scandals, Nazis, serial killers, thugs, drug dealers, human traffickers, lesbians, spies, police corruption, police violence, sex, detectives, blackmail, evil doctors, obsessed academics, tortured family histories, devious lawyers, crooked businessmen, nice principled women, nasty unprincipled women, natural disasters, depressed cops, natural disasters, fishermen, drunken cops, vampires, revolutionaries and gang warfare. And that was just in the newspapers, luckily I read some crime fiction novels as well.


  1. Maxine says:

    Excellent point, Norman. You look as if you have a busy time ahead of you reading-wise, look forward to reading what you make of these books. I plan to obtain “The Impossible Dead” some time in 2012, as I enjoyed “The Complaints”.

  2. LOL

    And I am sure most of the crime stories offered happier endings than the real life tales.

    • Margot Kinberg says:

      Norman – LOL! I did that kind of reading myself this year… And I read some crime fiction. Looks like you’ve got some good reads there and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

  3. Jose Ignacio says:

    Great post Norman.

  4. Donna says:

    Norman – what shocking company you keep :o) Have a lovely 2012

  5. Norman says:

    Thanks guys. After receiving these gifts the TBR mountain has reached ludicrous proportions so I must resist the temptation of any new books until April…………

  6. kathy d. says:

    Wow! Impressive! You have quite a TBR pile there, and should be sharing some good reviews.
    I’m waiting for two books by women writers from Oz. My plan to read for two weeks has been somewhat abbreviated, but enjoyable.
    Look forward to the analysis here and hope you and your family have a good year.

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