2011 End of Year Book Meme: part two

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Book Awards, dinosaurs, England, Historical, memes, notes, Southern States, Spain, Sweden

[continued from part one]

8] Favourite new authors discovered

A bit repetitive but those I have mentioned previously Jussi Adler-Olsen, Arne Dahl, and Tom Franklin. 

9] Most hilarious

Those who have been reading the blog will know that I found The Dinosaur’s Feather by Sisssel-Jo Gazan rather funny, and posted about it at Back story blues…..

I am still not convinced that the author was being entirely serious with this book, but if she was my apologies for making fun of her style.

10] Most thrilling unputdownable book

I think this was The Vault [Box 21 in the USA] by Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom. I felt this was a far better book than Three Seconds which won the CWA International Dagger. The Vault left me shaking at the end as I realised over the last few pages that it was going to end with that dreadful twist. 

11] Book most anticipated

I had been looking forward to the new John Lawton Troy book A Lily of the Field, and it did not disappoint.

12] Favourite cover

I like the covers of books to be evocative of the story and not just a stock photo taken out of the archive.

Therefore my favourite cover was that of Death on a Galician Shore by Domingo Villar

And the book was very good as well.

13] Most meaningful character

I think Larry Ott in Tom Franklin’s Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is someone I will remember for a long while. He is absolutely desperate for a friend, and loneliness is a dreadful problem in western countries where today close family ties are the exception rather than the rule.

14] Most beautifully written book

This is too difficult for me as I am not a judge of literary excellence, I just like a good story simply told. 

15] Book that had the most impact

At the time I read it The Vault [Roslund-Hellstrom] but I suspect that the book I just finished, and have not reviewed yet, The Tears of Autumn by Charles McCarry about the assassination of President Kennedy will have a great impact.

16] Book you can’t believe you waited till 2011 to read

This was Missing by Karin Alvtegen. I have enjoyed all her books and Missing won the Nordic Glass Key back in 2001. Way before there was Lisbeth Salander there was Sibylla Forsenstrom. 

That’s it.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.   

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Norman – An excellent finale to a terrific couple of posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maxine says:

    Great completion to the set, Norman. Wasn’t Missing good?! I am still trying to find the film (TV?) of it – does not seem to be available anywhere but was made some years ago, apparently.

    A very happy new year to you!

  3. Oh very true that Villar book does have a great cover. I hate the stock images too. You have reminded me I must read more Karen Alvtegen books.

  4. Thanks for sharing Norm. I am working on this one.
    Wishing you and your family all the very best in 2012.
    And hope to catch up with you again during it!

  5. kathy d. says:

    On to a happy and healthy new year — and one of excellent global crime fiction.
    Thanks for an informative — and fun — blog. Always a treat to come here and read the posts.

  6. Norman says:

    Thanks all. Happy New Year to you. I think this sort of meme is good for clarifying your thoughts. Missing is very good, but I don’t think I can include it in the best of 2011 simply because it is so old, but it fitted neatly into that category.

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