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Diamond Jubilee Quiz

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Quiz

Events, dear people, events have blown my blogging off course, and even marooned my reading in a dark place.

But I have returned hopefully with something that will interest and amuse. 2012 is the year of the Olympics [more on that in a future post] and also of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Therefore to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth I have constructed a Jubilee Quiz to test your crime fiction knowledge with  a book prize to the winner.

I think the Queen, whose birthday is on the 21st April, does a fantastic job, and although her potential successor does not impress, the idea of a President Blair, or President Kinnock, or even a President Bercow is horrifying enough to turn me into a monarchist.

The Queen has reigned for 60 years, so there are 6 questions with 10 marks each. Your answers should be sent to and the closing date for entries is 1 May, 2012. Here we go:

1] What is the “Royal” connection with an Old  Brownstone House at West Thirty-Fifth Street ?

2] Where is the “Queen of Watering Places”?

3] How Royal are Daniel Nathan and Emanuel Lepofsky?

4] Who did Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein employ, and what is the Royal connection?

5] How are a Cornish Duchess and a Frozen Princess linked?

6] Which novel features an assassination attempt on a Crown Prince, and a criminal known as the Prince?

Good luck.