How do you like your crime fiction? The result.

Posted: April 20, 2012 in polls

The results of this poll [now closed] even with such a small sample show that:

1] Books are still number one, and have not yet been taken over in popularity by the Kindle.

2] Surprisingly few people prefer audio books. 

3] I am not the only couch potato who likes to slump out watching  TV crime series.

Thanks to all those who voted.

  1. Thanks for sharing the results, Norman. I’m probably an old stick-in-the-mud about this but I do love the feel of a paper book…

  2. Amanda Mac says:

    Very interesting result, Norman and it concurs with my views about reading format. Kindle is starting to make inroads, but iPad does not even make a show!! The old fashioned format wins hands down! Thanks so much for sharing this…

  3. I think I may have missed this poll…or perhaps I couldn’t choose as frankly I like my crime fiction any which way it comes…paper book, audio book, ebook, on the tele, at the movies….apparently I just like murderers 😉

    I’m curious to know what the person who voted for ‘other’ had in mind

  4. keatsbabe says:

    Only just discovered your blog and must say it is wonderful 🙂 Shame I missed this poll but the results are spot on. I have a Kindle but even with the option of a sample it is easy to download some pretty poor crime fiction just because it is cheap.Nothing quite like flicking through a book….

  5. kathy d. says:

    Missed your poll as I was off-line several days due to some line problems, however, I wholeheartedly concur with the results: Paper books, yes! Next I’ll take TV shows or movies. But nothing like staying up until the wee hours with a good mystery in one’s hands.

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