Anzac Day

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Australia, England, Historical, notes

It seemed appropriate on Anzac Day to link to a post about Petty Officer Percy Kempster DSM Royal Australian Navy my wife’s grandfather.

Those of us in these little islands must never forget the sacrifices made by all the countries of the Empire, and then Commonwealth, in two world wars. I remember searching for my uncle’s grave on the Commonwealth War Graves site and finding one cemetery where  two English soldiers and forty four New Zealanders were buried!

Other Anzac Day posts from Craig at Crime Watch:Lest we forget; a special day downunder. 

And from Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise: Anzac Day 2012: We will remember them 

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Norman – How very interesting about your wife’s grandfather. Anzac has a proud history and you’ve paid a lovely tribute.

  2. Percy j kempster is my great great grandfather I saw the post on gravitas about him and couldn’t help but click your link to your blog to find his picture. My grandma was very exited as she has not got a picture like this.

    My email address is below if you want to reply


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