Not long left for Diamond Jubilee Quiz answers

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Quiz

A gentle reminder that the deadline for answers to the Diamond Jubilee Quiz is midnight BST Sunday 13 May.

Send your answers to and perhaps claim the prize as the winner. 



  1. kathy d. says:

    Thanks for the reminder to get in these answers.

    FYI: If you have not read Camilleri’s latest Montelbano adventure, run, do not walk to the library or bookstore. I have not come up for air since I started it earlier today. Tasks are forgotten. This is a good one, and I’ve laughed out loud several times and am not even halfway through it. Also, alas, Salvo is again suffering from problems of aging, but the wit is definitely there, although I sympathize with his travails.

  2. kathy d. says:

    The Potter’s Field is the one I’m reading. It’s priceless: Montalbano seeks guidance on his case from a book by — Camilleri!

  3. Norman Price says:

    Kathy I loved The Potter’s Field

    • kathy d. says:

      Yeah, I”m loving it, the Camilleri reference, the chess playing with Montalbano’s adversary, himself; Dr. Latte’s inquiries about Montalbanl’s wife and children. etc. I am laughing out loud constantly. I hope the books after this are as good, but Camilleri doesn’t seem to be losing his sharp wit.

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