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There have been an abundance, some might say a plethora, of books about Stieg Larsson, author of the Millennium Trilogy, and creator of a unique fictional heroine in Lisbeth Salander. Writers have to make a living and if they think there is enough interest in the journalist they have a perfect right to author a book on the subject.

But I won’t be reading all of these in a hurry:

StiegLarsson, My Friend- Kordo Baksi

Stieg & Me- Eva Gabrielsson

Stieg Larsson, Man, Myth & Mistress- Andrew McCoy

Secret of the Tattooed Girl- Dan Burstein, Arne de Keijzer, John-Henri Holmberg

The Man Who Left Too Soon- Barry Forshaw

But one book I have bought and will delve into when I have time is The Expo Files, articles by the crusading journalist, Stieg Larsson [translated by Laurie Thompson] which has an introduction by Tariq Ali. I have read this introduction and learned that Sweden’s reputation as a social democratic utopia has been creaking for some time. I never knew that during the Second World War the University of Lund invited Joseph Goebbels in order to honour him. They were spared the disgrace. Goebbels declined the invitation. Also from the introduction:

The Scandinavian joke-it took several weeks for the Germans to take Norway, a day to occupy Denmark and a telephone call to take Sweden-is based on reality.

Many will still regard Swedish crime fiction as some kind of Midsomer Murder comedy exaggeration, and think of Sweden as a low crime country with no real problems. Perusing some of the articles titles* I think this book will be an education, but certainly not easy reading. 

* The worlds’ most dangerous profession, The return of anti-Semitism, Terror killings can happen in Stockholm, Swedish and un-Swedish violence towards women.