Greenway-still “the loveliest place in the world”

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Agatha Christie, England, Golden Age of detective fiction

It doesn’t seem like three years since I posted this post about Greenway. We had visited Highcross House at Dartington, a classic of modernist architecture from the 1930s, and Torquay Museum on our way back to Exeter, and this inspired us to go back the next week to Agatha Christie’s beautiful home of the River Dart. We took the scenic coastal route,  but this deteriorates after Torquay as it goes through the heart of Paignton.Then you turn off into a different world as you drive through narrow country lanes to park within a pleasant walk of the house. Make sure you pre-book a parking space, or walk, or take the ferry and walk up  the hill. [Hills in Devon are steep and demanding even if you don’t have a smashed up knee]. 

I made a tour of the house, which is a must for all Christie fans, bought some books [I am a book-aholic with no resistance] and we had lunch in the gardens. A beautiful trip back in time to a different age.

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Norman – Thank you for sharing those ‘photos. I so very much want to go there one day.

  2. KerrieS says:

    Norman – thanks for this trip back in time. I have added it to this month’s Agatha Christir Blog Carnival.

  3. Bill Selnes says:

    Norman: It looks and sounds wonderful.

  4. Norman Price says:

    Thanks Kerrie and Bill. Greenway is a real escape from the hustle and bustle of Torquay and Paignton.

  5. bpeschel says:

    If you can, check out “Agatha Christie at Home.” It’s a nice coffee table book about Greenway and about her homes in general. There’s also a section on Torquay and where she set scenes from some of her books. Beautiful photography.

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