Election Day USA

Posted: November 5, 2012 in USA

I don’t believe that tomorrow’s US Election will be as close as the media and pollsters expect. The GOP would surely have decided on a more viable candidate for Vice President, Chris Christie or Marco Rubio for instance, if they thought they had any chance of defeating President Obama. 

Interestingly 100 years ago the four way contest involved Theodore Roosevelt, who had won the Nobel Peace prize in 1906, and Woodrow Wilson, who was to win the Nobel Peace prize in 1919. Barack Obama of course won the Nobel Peace prize in 2009.

  1. Maxine says:

    Hope you are right!

  2. Dan says:

    It’ll be interesting either way. Fair warning, though: I think Republicans are much more invested in Paul Ryan than it appears in the media.

  3. kathy d. says:

    I can’t stand any of this electioneering. It feels like it’s gone on for years. Can’t even watch TV without it being covered non-stop. Meanwhile, people are suffering from the hurricane’s devastation. Elderly, disabled people and children are stuck in buildings all over NYC and NJ, without any assistance at all.

  4. Norman Price says:

    Kathy, I agree all the money wasted on this election could have been used to build and finance public facilities, hospitals, and schools.
    It is the same here after a flood, a member of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, or our Deputy PM trot down for a photo opportunity, and then disappear. The ordinary people are still trying to clear up the mess months later.

  5. Philip Amos says:

    I watched coverage of the election from the PBS News Hour team via the internet last night — news coverage for grown-ups, one might say, and the best of news on television by a country mile. To a degree, I concurred with a comment from one of the team that the Republicans had chosen the wrong candidate for president. Indeed, Paul Ryan running as presidential nominee would have done better, I think. But I concurred only to a degree, for the crew they had to choose from were all pretty appalling in one way or another. So why not a better choice of nominees? The answer, I think, lies in the fact that, politically, the moderate wing of the party is dead. People such as Dick Lugar and Olympia Stowe retired from House and Senate because they were so overwhelmed by the Right that their presence was an exercise in futility. By no stretch could such as they be nominated as the presidential candidate. The Party has moved to the Right, and beyond, because it is scared witless, hence the outpouring of misogyny and hatred we witnessed from various campaigns for Congress. And hence too the efforts in 21 states to disenfranchise those most likely to vote Democrat. They did this to themselves. It is a party of the old, white, predominantly male, often evangelical fundamentalists in a country with a population getting younger, more Hispanic, more Asian, more African American, less inclined to right-wing Christianity, and the Republicans know this spells doom not so far down the road. Unless, of course, they were to go in precisely the opposite direction they’ve chosen, and that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future. But, heavens, Texas is now close to being a swing state. If the Republicans capture the White House in the future, I think they’ll have to do it either by a) nominating an educated moderate, preferably one who does not believe that Syria is Iran’s only route to a body of water or b) succeeding in constructing a platform of planks designed to appeal to all the one-issue voters. The latter they might do, but that would mean racism, misogyny, anti-governmentalism, and right-wing fundamentalism even greater, more horrific and more open than we’ve seen until now. God save America.

  6. Maxine says:

    Glad you were right, Norman 😉

  7. Norman Price says:

    Maxine I was right about the result but I did not think the popular vote would be that close. I thought that both candidates would lose support compared with 2008 equally, but the President lost about 9 million votes and Romney 2.5 million.

    Philip, I agree with you about PBS I have that now as PBS America on cable and their documentaries are of a very high standard. I was satiated with election coverage so went to bed at a normal time and watched the results in the morning.
    The GOP will have to produce candidates with a greater appeal to the young, women, and ethnic minorities to challenge in national elections. A ticket of Marco Rubio and Condi Rice would be interesting, but the hard core Tea Party element isn’t going to go away and Ryan/Bachman is a more likely 2016 choice ticket for them. 😦

  8. Philip Amos says:

    Why the sad face, Norman? Come 2016, the only Repug ticket I’d like to see more than Ryan/Bachman is Palin/Bachman!! Ryan would be forced to come out in the open re his anti-government ‘philosophy’, and once faced with the prospect of no medical coverage at all, no social security pensions, no unemployment insurance, etc., not a few Republicans would be heading for the Democrats. Bachman’s public statements just get loopier by the day, and among those elected to the legislature of her own state, she consistently gets the fewest votes of any of those elected in her own district. They’d be slaughtered. But Palin/Bachman…that’d be the best political sitcom ever.

  9. Norman Price says:

    Philip, the sad face was in case they won, it was more of a shocked face !!!!
    We had our promising Obama like change in 1997, and because Blair & Brown spent all their time fighting each other, got us into wars we could not win and wasted parliamentary time on a fox hunting ban we now have the Cameron/Clegg coalition of the unworldly. They have less of a clue about the lives of ordinary people than Marie Antoinette.

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