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The New Winter Quirky Quiz 2012-2013

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Quiz

 I know some readers look forward to the annual quiz at Crimescraps, and interestingly I have noticed that there are always a lot more viewings of the answers  than there ever are of the questions.  So this year I have tried to create something with a range of questions from very easy to those that will test your little grey cells a little as well as hopefully entertain. So do have an attempt sending your answers to by midnight GMT on 20 January 2013.

For the winner the prize is a copy of the CWA International Dagger winning novel The Potter’s Field by Andrea Camilleri. [If the winner has read this book there will be an alternative choice]

1] The first question is tricky.

Who are the people depicted in this print which resides in Torquay Museum? 

2] What is the connection between a young pilchard, a Slovakian female, a small citrus fruit, and a South Slavic Viking?

3] In what timely way is Gordon Daviot linked to Anne Neville?

4] Who lived or lives at: [a] Whitehaven Mansions [b] 221B Baker Street [c] The Larches [d] an old Brownstone on West 35th Street [e] 14 Farraway Street [f] a residential home in Marnas and [g] a studio apartment in Santa Teresa

5] Who gives this valuable advice? ‘As a man gets older if he knows what is good for him, the women he likes are getting older, too.’

6] In which crime novel are the chapter headings taken from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?

7] In which novel is Kjell Eriksson murdered, and who is Holt’s best guy?

8] Make an educated guess as to the connection between Raymond Chandler and Dame Ngaio Marsh?

9] Which crime novel begins with a chapter one entitled November, and a quotation from La Rochefoucauld about  funerals? 

10] What nationality are these investigators?

a] Mario Silva [b] Mario Conde [c] Hector Salgado [d] Siri Paiboun

11] Who created these characters?

a] Anna Marie Mella [b] Ann Lindell [c] Annika Bengtzon [d] Hanne Wilhelmsen [e] Kimmo Joentaa [f] Jakob Skarre [g] Ingrid Sjostrom 

12] Who wrote:

[a] Summon Up The Blood [b] Blood of the Wicked [c] A Question of Blood

13] Philip Glenister [star of TV series Life on Mars] also played the part of DCI Danny Lloyd, co-starring with Michelle Collins who played DS Judy Hill, in a pilot TV show. Is there a shred of evidence for a latin connection with a famous Oxford sleuth?  


There it is, some questions that may test your knowledge of crime fiction and could possibly keep you busy into the New Year. Good Luck.