The New Winter Quirky Quiz 2012-2013

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Quiz

 I know some readers look forward to the annual quiz at Crimescraps, and interestingly I have noticed that there are always a lot more viewings of the answers  than there ever are of the questions.  So this year I have tried to create something with a range of questions from very easy to those that will test your little grey cells a little as well as hopefully entertain. So do have an attempt sending your answers to by midnight GMT on 20 January 2013.

For the winner the prize is a copy of the CWA International Dagger winning novel The Potter’s Field by Andrea Camilleri. [If the winner has read this book there will be an alternative choice]

1] The first question is tricky.

Who are the people depicted in this print which resides in Torquay Museum? 

2] What is the connection between a young pilchard, a Slovakian female, a small citrus fruit, and a South Slavic Viking?

3] In what timely way is Gordon Daviot linked to Anne Neville?

4] Who lived or lives at: [a] Whitehaven Mansions [b] 221B Baker Street [c] The Larches [d] an old Brownstone on West 35th Street [e] 14 Farraway Street [f] a residential home in Marnas and [g] a studio apartment in Santa Teresa

5] Who gives this valuable advice? ‘As a man gets older if he knows what is good for him, the women he likes are getting older, too.’

6] In which crime novel are the chapter headings taken from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?

7] In which novel is Kjell Eriksson murdered, and who is Holt’s best guy?

8] Make an educated guess as to the connection between Raymond Chandler and Dame Ngaio Marsh?

9] Which crime novel begins with a chapter one entitled November, and a quotation from La Rochefoucauld about  funerals? 

10] What nationality are these investigators?

a] Mario Silva [b] Mario Conde [c] Hector Salgado [d] Siri Paiboun

11] Who created these characters?

a] Anna Marie Mella [b] Ann Lindell [c] Annika Bengtzon [d] Hanne Wilhelmsen [e] Kimmo Joentaa [f] Jakob Skarre [g] Ingrid Sjostrom 

12] Who wrote:

[a] Summon Up The Blood [b] Blood of the Wicked [c] A Question of Blood

13] Philip Glenister [star of TV series Life on Mars] also played the part of DCI Danny Lloyd, co-starring with Michelle Collins who played DS Judy Hill, in a pilot TV show. Is there a shred of evidence for a latin connection with a famous Oxford sleuth?  


There it is, some questions that may test your knowledge of crime fiction and could possibly keep you busy into the New Year. Good Luck.

  1. Philip Amos says:

    Lovely, Norman — thank you so much. One small thing — I think there must be a wee error in the punctuation and/or wording of Question 13. Perhaps a new sentence after ‘show’?

  2. Norman Price says:

    Thank you, Philip. Yes that reads better with a full stop. Enjoy 😉

  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    Norman – Ohhhhhh fiendish!!!!! 😉

  4. As with previous outings: I am still working on this…

  5. kathy d. says:

    Fierce, intimidating, requires a Ph.D. in crime fiction. Will sit this one out and leave it to the myster-o-philes. Or I’d have to spent a week reading to figure out some of the answers. Look forward to reading them here.

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