March 2013: March madness

Posted: April 4, 2013 in France, Ireland, Italy, memes, Sicily, USA


I read four books in March:pickofthemonth2012

The Age of Doubt by Andrea Camilleri

Ratlines by Stuart Neville

Murder One by Robert Dugoni

and my pick of the month, The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas.

I was impressed by Robert Dugoni’s Murder One as I find the American legal system endlessly fascinating. I spent too much time in my youth watching Perry Mason.

But the inventiveness of her plots and the brilliant quirkiness of her characters make every novel written by Fred Vargas a  joy to read. 

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Norman – I agree about Vargas. And a Neville and a Camilleri, too? You read some good ‘uns.

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  3. TracyK says:

    This is a very interesting list. I read your review of Murder One, it does sound very good. I would not usually go for legal thrillers. I am going to have to try Vargas again, reviewers consistently praise her books. The one I tried I did not enjoy.

  4. kathy d. says:

    It figures. Although I’ve only read the newest Montalbano, I’d probably agree about The Ghost Riders of Ordebec, which is next on my TBR agenda. There is nothing like Fred Vargas’ creativity and quirkiness, a breath of fresh air in this formulaic crime fiction universe.

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