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Thanks to Barbara Fister for pointing out to me that the US version of Liza Marklund’s new Annika Bengtzon novel Lifetime has a blurb from Crime Scraps on the back. The blurb went on…..

This is an excellent addition to what is becoming a classic crime fiction series, and one which exhibits so many of the key factors that have made Scandinavian crime fiction so popular. Detailed coverage of a subject, social commentary, large doses of cynicism, dollops of humour both light and dark, characters who distrust their superior’s motives and who feel loneliness and despair, and of course the interesting female protagonist. The reader is helped by an excellent seamless translation from Neil Smith and I am definitely looking forward to reading the next one in the series, Lifetime, due out later in the year. 

You can read the full review here. 

I am very pleased that Last Will has been shortlisted for the prestigious Petrona Award. This award is in memory of Maxine Clarke, who very sadly died last December.

Maxine was a great champion of Scandinavian crime fiction, bloggers, and women in crime fiction, and I think it would be appropriate if Last Will written by Liza Marklund and featuring Annika Bengtzon were to win this inaugural Petrona Award. Just my opinion which I hope is shared by the judges.

When at the end of the year I picked my favourite books of 2012 Last Will was high on my list and I commented: 

Last Will by Liza Marklund tr. Neil Smith

Annika Bengtzon, the most popular and attractive journalist in Scandinavia continues the struggle to balance her career and family. In this brilliant book the reader learns about Alfred Nobel, his prize, how a media outlet is organised, and tales of scientific rivalry. No wonder Liza Marklund was one of Maxine’s favourite authors. 

You can get full details about the Petrona Award at the Petrona Remembered website.