Liza Marklund’s Last Will wins the Petrona Award

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Book Awards, Scandinavia, Sweden

51-XXpEMoPL._SL500_AA300_P1010564I am very pleased that Last Will by Liza Marklund has won the prestigious Petrona Award.

This award is in memory of Maxine Clarke, who very sadly died last December. I greatly miss her kindness, cheerfulness, constant encouragement, and of course her brilliant reviews. 

Maxine was a champion of Scandinavian crime fiction, bloggers, and women in crime fiction, and I think it is appropriate that Last Will written by Liza Marklund and featuring Annika Bengtzon won this inaugural Petrona. 

When at the end of last year I picked my favourite books of 2012 Last Will was high on my list and I commented: 

Last Will by Liza Marklund tr. Neil Smith

Annika Bengtzon, the most popular and attractive journalist in Scandinavia continues the struggle to balance her career and family. In this brilliant book the reader learns about Alfred Nobel, his prize, how a media outlet is organised, and tales of scientific rivalry. No wonder Liza Marklund was one of Maxine’s favourite authors. 

You can get read Maxine’s review of Last Will here.  

[photo shows Maxine at Crime Fest along with one of her favourite translators Don Bartlett]

  1. kathy d. says:

    I am very glad that Last Will won the Petrona Award in honor of Maxine Clarke. She loved and championed Annika Bengtzon’s stories by Liza Marklund. Her brilliant and positive reviews convinced me to read this book and Red Wolf. I will go on to read the other books in the series as they become available over here and I will think of Maxine’s comments and encouragement of good crime fiction.

  2. […] Belated news: As anyone who has been paying attention knows, Liza Marklund’s Last Will was awarded the first annual Petrona Award, presented at Crimefest. I’m chuffed, because I remember how much Maxine enjoyed this novel and the entire Annika Bengtzon series. She particularly appreciated the way it depicts the challenges professional women face balancing their work, their families, and the barriers that discrimination erects against women. Since Maxine was so extremely good at managing a demanding career at the most respected journal in the sciences, along with her family life and her prolific contributions to the crime fiction genre, she always made me reconsider my feeling that Annika is a bit of a whinger.  More reactions to the news from Euro Crime, The Game’s Afoot, and Crime Scraps. […]

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