Best Swedish Crime Fiction Novel 2013 and the Martin Beck Award winners

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Book Awards, Israel, Scandinavia, Sweden

Svenska deckarakademin har idag utsett årets bästa kriminalromaner.
Bästa svenska kriminalroman blev: Christoffer Carlsson: Den osynlige mannen från Salem (Pirat)

Motiveringen löd: ”Stark noirroman med förtätad stämning av vemod och uppgivenhet”

51qyzrjrcnl-_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_sx385_sy500_cr00385500_sh20_ou02_Bästa till svenska översatta kriminalroman:
Dror Mishani: Utsuddade spår (övers: Nils Larsson, Brombergs)
”Ett intensivt engagerande familjedrama i lågmäld ton” var motiveringen.                         

Two surprises with three previous winners beaten by Christoffer Carlsson for the Basta Svenska kriminalroman, and the translated/overseas prize, the Martin Beck Award, going to Israeli author Dror Mishani, whose book was nominated for the CWAInternational Dagger!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Thanks for sharing, Norman.

  2. Keishon says:

    This is currently $1.99 at B&N. Off to purchase it. Thanks Norman.

  3. Mrs P. says:

    Thanks for this news, Norman. I thought that the Mishani was rather underrated, so it’s great to see it winning a prestigious award.

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