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A Mid Winter Quiz

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Quiz, Uncategorized

I haven’t posted one of my quirky quizzes for some time, probably because my old brain box has been creaking lately.

But knowing that this holiday period will last two weeks in the UK, and that readers might need some mental stimulation after friendly discussions with relatives and their third helping of turkey, I have therefore produced this effort for your amusement.

The prize is a copy of The Poisoned Chocolate Case by Anthony Berkeley, and all answers should be sent to by midnight GMT on Sunday 11 January 2015. 

Good Luck!

1] Try this one without wikipedia. 😉

By what names are the following better known? [a] Salvatore Albert Lombino [b] Elizabeth Mackintosh [c] Daniel Nathan [d] Juliet Marion Hulme [e] Willard Huntington Wright [f] Edith May Pargeter [g] Janet Quin-Harkin

2] Who was “the man who could see round corners”?

3] Which detective found his perfect life partner in Enscombe?

4] Who cinematically linked a Hungarian born member of the Detection Club, with an aircraft, and a city chronologically between Barcelona and Sydney?

5] Who were married to [a]Heloise Plisson [b]Mary Marstan [c]Thomas Samuelsson [d] Dulcie Duveen?

6] How did a bleeding ulcer and a broken leg connect Christina Collins and Edward V?

7] Who noted a lack of any ornithological reference in the Memoirs of the Verney family?

8] Name a crime fiction author who has worked as [a] an osteopath [b] a forensic anthropologist [c] an eukaryotic archaeologist [d]  an architect

9] Identify the people in these photos.











10] Andy Dalziel likes choosing nicknames for his colleagues, for example Shirley Novello naturally becomes “Ivor” after the actor and composer Ivor Novello.

How and why did Andy’s choice of nickname for Sergeant Whitby link an unfinished 1817 novel with a epistolary novel of 1897?