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zagrebYou can read my review of The Lady From Zagreb by Philip Kerr at EuroCrime.

Number ten in the brilliant Bernie Gunther series reminds us once again that mankind is capable of real evil, and the tremendous debt we owe to the brave men and women who fought to remove the stain of Nazism from Europe.

When reading this book I frequently had to remind myself that the most evil characters, and the more terrible events were not fictional creations but real life. The story of what happened during those dreadful years can never be told enough times, and perhaps one day people like Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury will stop “apologising” for winning the war, and eliminating one of the most profoundly evil regimes in history. 


The controversial Bombing of Dresden took place on 13-15 February 1945, the apparently less controversial last V2 rocket attack on London took place on 25 March 1945.