OT: Spring on the way, we hope

Posted: February 25, 2016 in England















For the first time in weeks we have some sunshine in Devon!

And as a result I am up and about enjoying the seaside. For four weeks during the dark days of January and February I was too ill to read. I am pleased to report I am feeling a lot better over the past week, and have dashed through two and three quarter espionage thrillers.

Two of the books I am not going to review, they are excellent easy reads, but politically inconvenient to discuss. The third Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews also takes a strong political line, but I will review that in a few days.

  1. Jose Ignacio says:

    Didn’t know you were ill Norman, hope you are feeling much better now. By the way I’m much interesting in reading espionage thrillers. Am close to finish reading The Foreign Correspondent and hva some good suggestions from your blog. Curious to know which titles have your read recently, if I may

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that you were ill, Norman! I hope all goes smoothly as you get back on your feet. Glad to hear that spring is finally making an appearance in Devon! Looking forward to your review.

  3. Bill Selnes says:

    Norman: Glad to hear you are improving. I look forward to your review of Palace of Treason. I read and reviewed it last year and went on to a discussion about Putin and libel. I am interested to read your reaction to the book.

  4. Kathy D. says:

    Sorry that you were sick, too sick to read. Interesting that you picked up espionage thrillers when you were recovering.

    The beautiful weather should contribute to your full recovery.

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