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I am about half way through A Climate of Fear by Fred Vargas, and it is nice to be back reading one of my favourite crime writers. Of course Vargas has won the CWA International Dagger four times, and it would not surprise me if this latest novel wins again. A complex plot which features a ten year old trip to Iceland in which a crazed killer murdered two tourists, and then terrified the rest of the tour party into silence, is followed by killings in modern day France and an extraordinary society dedicated to the study of the writings of Maximillien Robespierre. 

If this quirky Gallic plot is not enough for the reader we are reintroduced to Commissaire Adamsberg and his eccentric team of detectives. 

Mercadet’s asleep, said Estalere, counting on his fingers, ‘Danglard’s having a drink, Retancourt’s feeding the cat, Froissy’s watching her screen. But what about the rest of us. 

Danglard, Adamsberg’s right hand man is probably the most interesting of these characters. His phenomenal memory and finely tuned brain thrives on a diet of white wine. But what can you say about the plots of the Vargas books…

‘De l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace…..’

Anyone who hasn’t read Fred Vargas is in for a real treat.

Quiz Answers

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1] Which Presidents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery?

William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy

2] Which Governor of two different states was also a President?

A bit of a trick question. Sam Houston was Governor of Tennessee 1827-1829, twice President of the Texas Republic 1836-1838,1841-1844 and Governor of Texas 1859-1861.

3] Which President was called “a majestic figure who stood like a rock of consistency” and it was said “May God ever give to our country leaders as faithful, as wise, as noble in spirit, as the one we now mourn.”

Warren G. Harding, which proves you should wait until there has been time to assess a President’s legacy before making a hasty judgement. 

4] What did Presidents 17, 21, 26, and 36 have in common?

They were Vice Presidents who succeeded assassinated Presidents. Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.  


5] What did Presidents 6, 17, 22, and 27 have in common?

They all lost the Presidency but went on to hold Federal office, John Quincy Adams, Representative for Massachusetts: Andrew Johnson, Senator for Tennessee: Grover Cleveland, elected as 24th President after a four year gap: William Howard Taft: Chief Justice of the USA