Posted: October 18, 2009 in Uncategorized


The project to read all the six shortlisted Ellis Peters Historical Award books before the award ceremony goes well. I have finished reading number five, The Interrogator by Andrew Williams. My review will appear in due course on Euro Crime, with thanks to publishers John Murray and of course Karen for providing the book.

On now to read number six, The Dead of Winter by Rennie Airth.

The judges for this award do have a very difficult task, because out of the five books I have read you could make a strong case for three of them to win the Ellis Peters.
  1. >I'm impressed with your perseverence! I look forward to seeing your review of The Interrogator. You're right, too that the judges have their work cut out for them this year…

  2. >The review went off to Karen tonight so it might appear next Sunday, or the following week.I will link back to it then. Karen is very successful in finding me books that I enjoy [historical, Italian, Scandinavian] although we have one review in the pipeline that is rather negative. Not The Interrogator I hasten to add.

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