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I haven’t posted anything in this series for quite a while but a couple of weeks ago the weather was more like  a proper summer, and I was able to photograph some genteel English gardens. Miss Marple would be quite at home in these places where time has thankfully stood still.

An Interval from Nazis

Posted: June 12, 2012 in notes

I thought that before I went on to tackle Philip Kerr’s Prague Fatale, which is shortlisted for the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Award, and after reading Rebecca Cantrell’s A City of Broken Glass I would need a break from Nazis. Therefore I have started on a new series to me, by an author about to bring back an old friend. 

The photograph might give you a less than subtle clue about where the book is set, and it is not exactly a relaxing break as one plot theme in this book concerns CEOP [Child Exploitation and Online Protection].

‘You sit at your computer at home, surfing, maybe buying stuff or reading the gossip, and you’re about four clicks away from hell.’

This is almost as depressing and sad as  watching politicians giving “evidence” at the Leveson Inquiry.